The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby near Vlašim has a long tradition in providing complex physiotherapy care. The center provides treatment to Patients after surgeries and after injuries of movement and nervous systems. Similar to trends in the whole world to provide physiotherapy as soon as possible after the injury or affection, a Spinal rehabilitation unit was created on 2002-07-01 to ensure care for serious fresh spinal injuries.

RC Kladruby - general view

Robotic rehabilitation centre - robotic glove

The physiotherapy center also admits clients with back pain who resist to outpatient treatment. It belongs to the most important facilities in the country and works nationwide with a limited admission of clients from other countries. The Rehabilitation Center Kladruby is a state allowance organization and is directly subject to the Czech Health Ministry.

The centre includes a barrier-less complex interconnected with underground corridors for easy movement from one place to another in any season. Ward departments have comfortable equipment and offer double-bed rooms.

Physiotherapy is provided six days a week in modern exercise rooms, gymnasiums, in water treatment rooms with partial or complete whirlpool baths, in pools with underwater jets and movable bottom. A 25-meter pool serves for swimming.

 Patients room

 Swimming pool

Further, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, vacuum-compression therapy, local thermotherapy (solux, paraffin, ultra-sound, laser and biotron lamp). The ergotherapy occurs in attractively equipped workshops that ensure a safe environment for learning and training of practical skills and self-service including work on computers. A continuous speech therapy is ensured as well as psychologist's and social services.

The prosthetic department ensures necessary aids and other medical technology for the clients including walking sticks or special electrical wheel chairs, beds or lifting devices. The physiotherapy treatment program includes swimming lessons for persons using wheel chairs. Those who need manual control when driving a car can exercise driving or even learn it in a special course. Clients can select from a rich offer of cultural and sports events or educational courses. We are contract partners of all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic.

Gym area - sport activity for disabled

The aim of the rehabilitation process is the client's return to a normal way of life.